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Home interiors are going the steel way

While one might consider the use of steel in constructing a home essential, metal, these days, has been making a steady progress inside our homes. From deco-lamps and fountains to the more extreme steel tiles and wall-paper, there are now innumerable uses to metal inside a home. Considering its inherent utilities, non-corrosive properties, it is almost a surprise why it took steel so long to become an integral part of home interiors. Metal has been a part of home interiors for a long time now. Medieval nobility were fond of using wrought iron in their homes, something we revel in excitedly today. Chrome was always an important part of the bathroom, but it soon made the obvious transition to essential interior items like lamps and furniture pieces.

Experimenting with wire mesh as a means for easy shelving is something not unheard of, steel racks too have made a huge impact on home interiors. Racks like that made by Blendura, offer not only the strength, durability and ease of adjustment that comes with steel, they also provide the option of designing them using colour, shades and designs to fit the interiors of your home. Chic interiors are often considered to be those that are stripped down to their bare minimum, however, there is something equally alluring about a well-designed, camouflaged metal book rack tucked beside a wall. The use of steel has moved beyond mere fixtures and has now made strides into the home as an essential part of the décor.

Known among loyalists as ‘Brutalist’ metalwork, designers are now making wall sconces, lamps, chandeliers and even sculptures using steel. Interior designers today are getting more and more open about the use of metal in a home. Glowing metallic wallpapers are used to add warmth and sheen to a room. Metal is worked into flooring, be it in the form of tiles or carpet to give the space some richness and light. Be it bookshelves, lighting, furniture, metal appears in all shapes and utilities and is one of the most versatile materials for interior use.

A home in Coconut Grove, Florida, designed by Mateu Architecture has made use of metal in the ceiling giving it a ribbed structure, something that is very familiar to old Indian homes. The Japanese, known for their minimalist design preferences have come up with a completely aluminum modular kitchen. Monoblock kitchen units made from stainless steel have also become quite the rage around the world and are very easy to use. Steel stairs are also making a mark in the world of interior décor in quite a big way. Steel being a material that retains such a great amount of strength while attaining amazing shapes, is what makes it use in designer staircases almost crucial.

There have been many instances of steel being used for lamps and sculptures, but having an entire wall dedicated to steel is something altogether new. Stainless steel tiles can be used to create amazing mosaic patterns and help make your accent wall immediately noticeable. A Russian designer, Peter Kostelvo, took the love steel still further and created what he calls a ‘metal apartment’. While it may seem a tad too severe for people, its open welds and rivets do make it a very eye catching structure, not to mention it looks very comfortable. Atelier Tekuto also did something similar, but his home was void of any masonary whatsoever. An all-metal house, it has metal walls with niches that work brilliantly for storage and alternate with glass panels that allow in ample light.

Steel is one of the most versatile materials on the planet today. With more and more research and innovation being put into it, it will be of no surprise to find steel even more deeply embedded in our lives and home interiors.

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