How to Optimize Your Space

One of the biggest problems faced in modern living is smaller spaces, and more importantly, cluttered use of the same. With each passing year the average apartment size grows ever smaller. However, the fact remains, whatever the amount of space you have you can make it look good and functional. The same holds true for workspaces as well. The cubicle culture refuses to go and cabins, too need a personal touch if you are to grow used to them. A cluttered space reflects a cluttered headspace, be it at home or at work. There are some simple ways that you can make the most of the amount of space at your disposal. Be it a small room or a spacious apartment, a tiny desk or a cabin with a view, there are some simple ways that you can personalize the space and make optimal use of what’s at your disposal.

Here are some ways you can try and optimize your space:


Understand how you spend your time in the given area. If it is your desk then the focus is on work, and the priority is to keep the desk uncluttered and tidy and a majority of the room is taken up by your computer and/or documents. A decent filing system can do wonders for such a space. Prioritize the requirements from the space you are looking to optimize and allow them to dictate the creation of the space.

Get racks

If you are thinking of organizing your collection of books, or simply making sure that your cluttered little show-case needs an upgrade, get yourself a well-finished steel rack. Incredibly functional and sturdy, these racks can also come in various colours and designs and can work brilliantly with your décor, be it at home or at work. It allows for easy racking solutions while giving you the longevity and aesthetic soundness that your space demands. The idea is to think vertically, and make sure that you use as much space this way as possible. This will allow for you to have more free room at the center of your space.


They are back, and how. Once a fancy for a young child’s bedroom, folding tables are the perfect answer for work-at-home individuals who are living in small spaces. These tables are easy to construct and have plenty of do-it-yourself options available online. If you are not the industrious kind you can go for one of the many pre-fabricated, ready to install folding tables. Situated next to a window, these little tables can be great for working or having an intimate conversation at your home.

Smart storage

One of the most important things, be it at work or at home, is storage of your odds and ends. Over the years we have a habit of collecting a large assortment of memorabilia. Most of it, to a layman would look like rubbish, but to us it might mean a lot. Get yourself sufficient attic space, if not invest in large plastic containers that you can store on top of the racks, or under your beds if you are so inclined. The best idea would be to keep regularly cleaning it out, and getting rid of some of the stuff from time to time. At offices, regardless of the ample storage space, having your own desk drawers well-arranged can be of great ease when it comes to storage of important documents.

Brighten up the space

One of the best ways to make a space look better than it already is, is to give it a little dash of colour. Be it in the form of interesting floral drapes for your windows, or a couple of paintings hanging on the walls, colour, in any form, can make a space feel vibrant and alive.

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