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Riddhim Siddhim’s New Avatar

Established in 1989, the Riddhim Siddhim Group is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that has been recognized as one of the most prominent in the industry. Having started out as the manufacturers of cold roll forming machines, the Riddhim Siddhim group soon plunged headlong into the development and production of cold roll formed sections and assorted profiles. The company, over the last decade has inexorably moved from being a mere service provider to a manufacturer of some of the best products in the industry. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and technical expertise, the Riddhim Siddhim group manufactures products like the strut support system, long span shelving pallets, heavy duty racks and the latest in this series being interior friendly designer racks. These innovations have played an important role in assisting the architectural and interior practice in India.

With changing times, the need of promoting the group online began to take on an even more crucial role. The importance of having a strong presence online, for any company, cannot be denied. Keeping with their experience and drive for excellence. Having been in the business for over 25 years, Riddhim Siddhim understands the importance of constantly reinventing oneself to remain relevant in today’s industry. The most important factor in the growth of any industry is their ability to innovate and change with the times. This is something that has been a crucial cog in the success of Riddhim Siddhim as a company over the years.

The new website effectively details the many parts of the Goliath that Riddhim Siddhim has become. But through all of this their core values have remained the same. There is a great deal of dignity in labour, and it is something that needs to be appreciated regardless of the size of the job. The commitment to quality by Riddhim Siddhim is something that has been appreciated by both competitors and customers, alike. We, at RSSIPL believe in providing our clients the highest quality of products and ensure that they reach them at the best price. We shun the practice of opportunistic pricing and work tirelessly to minimize any loss to our suppliers and clients. But more than anything, we at RSSIPL, take total responsibility of our actions and focus on making amends if it is our fault.

The company’s factory is spread over 50,000 sq feet in the Raigad district in Maharashtra and has a daily production capacity of 100 metric tons. The new website effectively displays many aspects of Riddhim Siddhim that have helped it become one of the best in the business over the years. This evolution of Riddhim Siddhim’s presence online is yet another step towards deliver to the stake holders returns in the face of a challenging business environment.

Be it contract manufacturing, strut support systems and components or even racking solutions, all the products and services provided by RSSIPL are conveyed in great detail in the new layout of the website. Our products like M2O, Jika, T-Rax and Blendura are displayed prominently to provide ease of navigation to those who might be looking to know more about them. The website is both attractive and intelligently planned so as to give the users absolute control over the information they want to see. This new avatar of Riddhim Siddhim is yet another step in the direction of achieving excellence in our processes and  perception.

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